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A career at Pinnacle Senior Living is so much more than a job. Through support, compassion, and care, we have the power to change lives. Our affiliated communities and Pennant Group recruiting partners bring residents a new way of finding comfort, health, and well-being with the ultimate caregiving team members. Get in touch with a community close to you to learn all about our available careers. Just visit our Affiliate Locations page and connect with one of our friendly team members.

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Pinnacle invites you to bring your passion for people, your commitment to success, and your drive to develop. When you work at one of our affiliated Pinnacle Senior Living communities, you sign up for an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life through our core values, CAPLICO: Customer Second, Accountability, Passion for Learning, Love One Another, Intelligent Risk Taking, Celebrate, and Ownership. With these principles, our culture fosters excellence, both personally and professionally, and promotes development that leads to continued success.

Something else that sets us apart from other companies is the quality of our most valuable resources – our people! We are dedicated to living out our culture as defined by our core values, “CAPLICO”:

  • Customer Second
  • Accountability
  • Passion for Learning
  • Love One Another
  • Intelligent Risk Taking 
  • Celebrate
  • Ownership

By striving to live these principles at all levels of our organization, our employees know they are valued and clearly understand their impact on our service center team members and operational partners. Our culture fosters excellence both personally and professionally and promotes development that leads to continued success.

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